Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Creating New Master Pages for SharePoint Site - SharePoint 2013

If you are having an requirement to create different layout for different set of pages in a SharePoint site then you are reading right post.
To use different layout for SharePoint site you can use SharePoint Designer 2013.

Steps to achieve this-
1. Once you login to the site from SharePoint Designer 2013, click on 'Master Pages' from Navigation area on the left side.

2. From the Ribbon click on 'Blank Master Page' and give it a name.

3. You'll have a page with basic HTML structure which you can change the way you want. Make desired changes to meet your requirements.

Now you have Master Page ready. To create content page follow these steps-
1. Go back to 'Master Pages' section. Right click on the Master Page you just created and select 'New From Master Page'

3. Enter Name for your content page and click OK.

2. Add the controls to the content page that points to the controls in the master page you just created.

Hope this would help you. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave comment.

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